Holiday 2004 Montage

MONTAGE KEY: Can you distinguish Taylor the teddy bear from the teddy bear cactus? Not much golf this year for us! Standing tall at Casa Grande, AZ. Joshua Trees from JT Natl. Park.  “Godzilla Mark.” High-energy travelers in motel rooms. Our TWA flight was very late! (Tucson A&S Museum) The mysterious Korean car that no one has ever otherwise seen (rented after our Camry was stolen 9/4—we eventually got a new ’05 Camry). Jackrabbit Pool, Camelback Inn (large!).  A bad picture of Mary (cropped). Taylor’s friends and relatives (Taylor’s wearing his new JTNP shirt!). Mark only studies in the car (sigh!). Flashback to July 17th, 1954.

2004 Montage