Holiday 2008 Montage

MONTAGE KEY: A NY Jets/Miami Dolphins Omen? Mesa, AZ 8/08; Shea Stadium, Last Call; Big year for red fuchsia hair!; “Boba Fett, you’re not half as scary as some of the ballroom judges I’ve met!”; Lucasfilm Ltd. HQ, Presidio, S.F.; Election turning point: when our previously uncommitted refrigerator endorsed Obama-Biden on 9/15/08; Vasquez Rocks: Luckily, no Gorn were spotted, only a camera-wielding tourist!  (inset); Our 2008 Christmas tree; One of Cousin C.’s trees; One of Cousin B.’s trees; “George Lucas” tree and menorah; Waldo with Union Square (San Francisco) tree.

2008 Montage

Extra pictures: