Holiday 2010 Montage

MONTAGE KEY: Millenium DanceSport, in St. Petersburg, Florida, in June, was Mrs. Mommy Ma’am (M3)’s only 2010 competition. Pictured is the awards ceremony for the nine-dance competition that featured six couples (that’s M3 and F., her teacher/partner behind her, at the left). The couples line in order of finish—if only they lined up left-to-right! But 6th out of 6 wasn’t bad, considering that the other five amateur ladies were all automatic qualifiers for the “Super Bowl” of ballroom dance competition, the Ohio Star Ball. Mary even earned her first fans, audience members who appreciated her consistency. Rare photo of M3 and Mr. Daddy Sir, together. He isn’t smiling because the organizers switched the order of meets at the last moment and he missed seeing some of her dances. Tuxedo man points to his name on a pledge paddle from 1973. In her Latin costume for Millenium DanceSport. That costume may looks familiar for viewers of past montages, but the hundreds of hand-applied  rhinestones were new! Red-brick garden apartments seem to be the habitat for Waldo’s family. Pictured is the apartment house near the College into which Mark moved in September. Of course, there has to be a picture of Taylor. We left Taylor and Waldo in a Sarasota hotel room and when we returned, we discovered that those two had a new friend! No Niagara Falls this year, but we did visit High Falls, New York. Pictured is Dr. O.  using his geological expertise to explain the falls to Mary and Trevor. Large insert: the High Falls. Small inset: Trevor, Tyler, and Waldo relax after scouting this location for the upcoming Mirrorgate MG-1 Origins special episode. Mark is smiling because of his continued academic excellence and making the Dean’s List . The beautiful “Carol Merrill” points to the day-into-night scene that was behind windows number 1 and 2 during our “Black Friday” stay at the Hilton Times Square. And, yes, Virginia, there really is a Great White Way and you can see it at the right in the night picture. (And yes, Virginia, this is a “photoshopped” picture.) Having dwarf appendages can be hard when it comes to reading a ballroom competition book, but Waldo uses his nose to point out to some of Mommy’s nine-dance heats.

Holiday Montage 2010