Holiday 2014 Montage

Across the top: Toastmasters Fun Night with F. and M.; Baseball game with Aunt G., Cousin M. and husband C.; Aunt L., hugging her favorite stressed-out mouse, again!

Second row: Mr & Mrs F.; Mr & Mrs B.; Waldo contemplating an ancestor; possible future Mr & Mrs S.?; (background) view from Tampa hotel.
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Holiday 2014 Montage

Third row: Mrs. Mommy Ma’am with K.; Mr. Daddy Sir’s coauthor; Mr & Mrs H.; “Saying Goodbye.”

Fourth row: Obligatory single picture of Mr. Daddy Sir and family; “That’s why they call it jetBLUE!”; Mystery solved: Mom worked at Osaka Army Hospital!

Bottom row: Nephews B. and B. with Dad; our 2014 tree; a rare spotting of Five First Cousins.