Holiday 2015 Montage and Video

Scroll down for the Holiday 2015 montage or play this special 2015 holiday video!

Across the top: (background) Royce Hall, UCLA; “Three H.S. Classmates”; Toastmasters celebrate 60 years; Mrs. Mommy Ma’am with Dad.

Second row: (center) Two M.’s; Mr. Daddy Sir (in hat) and Dad.

Third row:“Mets Cousins” (not related); Another Two M.’s–one’s a colorist!; Another Two M.’s; Another colorist and Mrs. Mommy Ma’am; “Welcome Home L. & S.”
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Holiday 2015 Montage

Fourth row: (top inset) The only picture of M. taken all year!; Excited customer leaving Canter’s Deli with goodies; our 2015 Tree (before the fall); “A First Place Together.”

Bottom: (left) Mom is still around Dad’s house; (right) the “World’s Fair”-ish Modernist church where two were united.