Holiday 2017 Montage

Across the top: New York City from the air; one of three M.’s: Mrs. Mommy Ma’am & M.; (inset) Quite a sale at a local Sears store! Will come back when Manhattan is marked down to $24.

Second row: Latest graduate of Starfleet Academy, Mrs. Mommy Ma’am; Mrs. Mommy Ma’am and best friend S. who is obscured in birthday group shot; a third M.!; Lower: Our 2017 tree (smaller); Mr. Daddy Sir takes a tour of the iHeartMedia headquarters in NYC.
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2017 Holiday Montage

Third row: Happy 90th Birthday, Dad! Happy birthday, too, D. All Birthday Jeopardy! players win a copy of a Even You Can Learn book.

Lower left inset: The only picture of Mr. Daddy Sir taken all year. Can you find him at The Japanese Garden, Tillman Water Reclamation Plant, Van Nuys, CA.

Lower right: Mr. Daddy Sir’s latest Even You Can Learn book is shelved with Nate Silver’s The Signal and The Noise in selected Barnes & Noble stores!