Holiday 2016 Montage

Across the top: “Three Generations in Two Sizes”; Taylor & Mrs. Mommy Ma’am, Goat Island, Niagara Falls; Straus in LA stressed out over TMZ stealing his color scheme and not allowing mice on their tours.

Second row: Who knew that Mr. Daddy Sir’s coauthor’s other job was refrigerator salesman?; At the final 60th Anniversary Toastmasters event that Mrs. Mommy Ma’am co-chaired in Tarrytown; Mr. Daddy Sir’s former editor at CitiField); Mrs. Mommy Ma’am and best friend S.; Tried entering Canada after election but exit was closed!
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2016 Holiday Montage

Third row: Mrs. Mommy Ma’am giving the thumb up when she realized that her hands are larger than the President-Elect!; Vintage McDonalds sign at oldest McDonalds extant, Downey, CA (even older than Mr. Daddy Sir!); (inset) Mrs. Mommy Ma’am with E., bassoonist and Downey Mickey D’s tour guide; Mrs. Mommy Ma’am’s best friend P. & husband J., parents of E.

Lower left: The only picture of Mr. Daddy Sir taken all year, standing in the Niagara River, Three Sisters Island, 700 meters upstream from Horseshoe Falls. (Don’t fall in!)

Lower right: Our tree for 2016 was bit larger than normal, so we had to set tree outside where it attracted a crowd!

Bottom: Those that live in NYC know the importance of building bridges. Here’s to some bridge-building in 2017 and beyond.