the BW

Where the old and new come to meet since 2014!

the BW Coming at you with old favorites and brand new original series!

The exciting concluding episodes of MirrorGate: MG-1!
New episodes of last year’s hits Circle of Light and The Adventures of Dirk “Sonny” Lande.
Encores of OFFROAD and OnStrike and more!

And coming soon:

MirrorGate: Reboot

and StrausSpace, the new BW spinoff channel!

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What schedule?!! The BW is the first totally on-demand network. You watch what you want to watch when you want to watch it (subject to availability). And we were doing this years before Netflix and Amazon Prime!

Predictions show that 2018 will be our best year ever!

Our Annual Ratings

The best of BEAR TV and the old WD network is now the new BW!

In the early days of the 21st century, Waldo TV took to the air as Waldowood’s first cable channel. Dissention among minority shareholders (you know who you are D.J.!) led to a downward spiral in audience share and Waldo TV folding.

Several years later, BEAR TV was organized by Benjamin S. “Stuffy” Bear as a new alternate. With shows such as MirrorGate: MG-1 and Bear Force One, BEAR TV seemed poised to take off. Then, the twin challenges of the recent recession and illegal copying of shows (you know who you are D.J.!) led BEAR TV into financially uncertain times.