MirrorGate: MG-1

Mirrorgate: MG-1


irrorGate MG-1 returns for a record-setting seventh season with new episodes and new characters exclusively on the BW!
A great premise. It’s surprising that nobody else ever thought of a television series involving traveling through a gate in order to save humanity!

- user SSOM, via Twitter

Originally the story of three rabbits and their journeys through a mysterious mirror that served as a gate to explore the unknown, MirrorGate: MG-1 has become a cultural phenomenon!

When we last saw the MG-1 team in Season Six, they had willingly trapped themselves in the dreaded Silvered Zone in order to prevent the Prismatics from threatening the MG-1 team’s home universe. General Bear reluctantly shut down the MirrorGate project and all thought the MG-1 team were lost for all time.

Then, in the season’s finale, Trevor noticed a bit of color fringe as he helped clean the MirrorGate mirrors for one last time. That discovery propelled him and his brother Tyler to find the only object in the universe that could resolve the fate of the MG-1 Team: the legendary MirrorGate Origin machine.

Bears and rabbits have never been presented in a better light!

- Tomoko and Taylor,
regular viewers since season one

In the post-season-six movie, MirrorGate MG-1: Origins, Trevor and Tyler searched for clues to the machine. With the assistance of Dr. Rick Onstrike, an environmental and labor activist (and himself the subject of the BW’s upcoming series OffRoad® & Onstrike), the brothers find and activate the MirrorGate Origin machine in a valiant attempt to being the MG-1 team home.

Season Seven begins with the brothers dealing with the unintended side effects of using the machine and the MG-1 team still lost…and pressure is mounting on General Bear to permanently shut down the MirrorGate project. Watch the surprising twists and the introduction of new characters including Polaris, the latest member of MG-1….every week on the BW.

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