List of MirrorGate: MG-1 episodes


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EP# Title
101 “That Does Not Reflect Well On You!”
Three sisters Cynthia, Peri, and A.B., begin to squabble and grow more distant over A.B.’s habit of constantly staring at a mirrored wardrobe.
102 “Mirror Image”
As A.B. tries to convince her sisters that what she has been seeing is more than just a “mirror image,” she realizes that Cynthia’s annoyance with Peri’s O.C.D. be the key to proving her case.
103 “Point of Reflection”
After Cynthia tells Peri to join A.B. on the bed staring at the mirrored wardrobe, Peri notices an unusual point reflection effect in A.B.’s mirror.
104 “Lights Up!”
When a severe electrical storm causes a power surge in the sisters’ bedroom, A.B. learns the secret to activating the MirrorGate.
105 “Left is Right and Right is Wrong”
On their first trip through the MirrorGate, Peri and A.B. suffer an extreme case of left-right confusion and get lost, only to discover a deeper secret of the mirror world.
106 “That’s What A Big Sister Is For”
Cynthia enlists the brainy Tyler when she needs to figure out how to manually activate the MirrorGate in order to rescue a trapped A.B. and Peri from the Ti’bar.
107 “Government Offense”
When news of the MirrorGate travels throughout Waldowood, government officials organize a MirrorGate exploratory team which threatens to leave Cynthia, Peri, and A.B. without access to the mirror world.
108 “The Polarizing Effect”
Fleeing from the Ti’bar, the MG-1 team must deal with the devastating consequences of forgetting to turn off the mirror world’s polarization filter as they enter the MirrorGate.
109 “Angle of Incident”
When Mrs. Mommy Ma’am carelessly leaves MirrorGate panel B misaligned, the MG-1 team is injured and General Bear must weigh whether to close down the project.
110 “Infinite Regress”
While attempting to realign the MirrorGate panels, Cynthia accidentally causes an infinite regress, trapping the MG-1 team in an endless series of reflections.
EP# Title
201 “The Maids of Honor”
A 17th Century painting holds the clue Cynthia and Tyler need to end the infinite regress and rescue A.B. and Peri.
202 “Who’s the Fairest of Them All?”
About to escort her to a concert, Trevor makes the mistake of showing the MirrorGate to his date after learning about the gate accidentally from his brother Tyler.
203 “Going, Going, Gone….Green”
Mrs. Mommy Ma’am’s green initiative to use CFLs threatens to eliminate the secret power source of the MirrorGate.
204 “Parabolic Effect”
A.B. and Peri have to call on Trevor and Tyler for assistance when a group or Ti’bar warriors plan to disrupt the sisters’ bedroom.
205 “The Three Trevors”
A mirror misalignment caused by Mrs. Mommy Ma’am overstuffing her wardrobe causes Trevor to be triplicated.
206 “A Matter of Perspective”
When General Bear asks Tyler to review Velázquez’s Las Meninas for further information about the infinite regress, Tyler finds evidence that the MirrorGate was used hundreds of years ago.
207 “Dust Storm”
Poor maintenance of the MirrorGate nearly turns a routine mission tragic for the MG-1 team.
208 “Refusing To Be Reflective”
After General Bear orders an extensive clean-up of the MirrorGate, Peri discovers that things have changed, with possible deadly consequences for A.B.
209 “Cynthia: Warrior Queen”
When Cynthia substitutes for a still-weakened A.B. on a MG-1 mission, a group of Ti’bar mistake her for their mythological Warrior Queen and kidnap her.
210 “A Poor Self-Image”
As a Ti’bar community continues to treat Cynthia as a divine goddess, Cynthia’s own self-image weakens due to the effects of her extended stay on the mirror world.
EP# Title
301 “Smoke and Mirrors”
Tyler and Trevor’s attempt to use “smoke and mirrors” to free Cynthia from the Ti’bar threaten to start war with the Ti’bar.
302 “Ray Tracing”
As Tyler further investigates the defensive capabilities of the parabolic effect, Trevor accidentally causes an infinite regress that reveals a new function of the MirrorGate.
303 “Negative c
Trevor and Tyler use Tyler’s ray-tracing infinite regress protocol to travel back in time six months to erase all knowledge of Cynthia from the minds of the Ti’bar.
304 “Flash of Inspiration”
An errant camera flash into the MirrorGate brings to life two pesky little dinosaurs.
305 “Highly Reflective”
When Trevor is granted his first solo mission through the MirrorGate, he comes backs highly reflective and deep in thought.
306 “The Cruz Roja
Cynthia and Tyler use Tyler’s travel back in time to visit 17th Century to ask Spanish Master Diego Velázquez what he knows about the MirrorGate.
307 “The Mind’s Reflection”
Haunting creatures from A.B.’s dreams come to life when she stares into the MirrorGate.
308 c the Pattern?”
Tyler tries to convince General Bear of the link between recent unusual events at the MirrorGate and the use of the ray-tracing infinite regress protocol to travel through time.
Episodes 309 and 310
These episodes were not produced because of a writer’s strike.
A.B.’s obsession with the MirrorGate apparently comes to an ends when one of the mirror panels is cracked and is discarded by Mrs. Mommy Ma’am.
EP# Title
401 “Lightly Regarded”
When the MG-1 returns from a routine mission, they find themselves as being perceived as stuffed animals, not as MirrorGate explorers.
402 “Cover Up”
Mrs. Mommy Ma’am’s habit of hanging clothes on wardrobe doors threatens to shut down the MirrorGate permanently.
403 “Light Wave”
Ti’bar rebels transmit a SOS message about a mysterious light wave.
404 “Refractive Index”
Trevor and Tyler race to the mirror world in an attempt to bend the mysterious light wave away from a Ti’bar encampment.
405 “The Water Mirror”
The Ti’bar rebels show the MG-1 team a mysterious “Water Mirror.”
406 “Lightspeed & Thumper”
A television producer wants to film a fictionalized version of the MG-1 team without a Cynthia character.
407 “Snell’s Lawlessness”
The MG-1 team discover that they cannot return home via the MirrorGate.
408 “The Prismatics”
MG-1 discovers the true source of the MirrorGate malfunction.
EP# Title
501 “Dispersion”
The MG-1 team tries to activate the Water Mirror to free the Ti’bar from the Prismatics.
502 “Mouseland”
After using the Water Mirror, the MG-1 team returns home and finds that Waldowood never existed.
503 “Shine A Light On It”
A.B. and Peri must convince the frazzled ruler of Mouseland that they are not the enemy as they search for Cynthia and Waldowood.
504 “The Corrective Lens”
To restore their timeline, A.B. and Peri travel to the Ti’bar Water Mirror and attempt to reverse its effects.
505 “Virtual Reflection”
A.B.’s dreams have her wandering if the MirrorGate adventures are solely the product of her imagination.
506 “Quantum Leap”
The Prismatics activate the MirrorGate Prime and discover the existence of Waldowood.
EP# Title
601 “A Grating Problem”
Cynthia and Tyler must figure out how to save Waldowood from the Prismatics’ photon machine.
602 “Internal Reflection”
When efforts by Cynthia and Tyler to protect Waldowood begin to fail, the MG-1 faces its biggest challenge to date.
603 “Wave Front”
When the Prismatics threaten to eliminate Waldowood, the MG-1 faces its biggest challenge to date.
604 “Unhinged”
The MG-1 team ends up marooned in the Silvered Zone when they decide to unhinge a mirror to prevent the Prismatics from advancing into the non-mirror world.
605 “Covered Mirrors”
General Bear shuts down the MirrorGate project after the apparent loss of the MG-1 team.
606 “Fringing”
While cleaning the mirrors one last time, Trevor notices a bit of fringing.
Hoping to recover the MG-1 team, Trevor and Tyler hunt for the origin of the MirrorGate project.
EP# Title
701 “After Effects”
Trevor and Tyler deal with the unintended side effects from the use of the MirrorGate Origin machine.
702 “The Circle of Light”
After Waldowood vanishes, Trevor and Tyler use a newly discovered electric circle of light in an attempt to recover the town and the still missing MG-1 team.
703 “Blueshift”
With the help of members of a hidden research facility, Trevor and Tyler attempt a blueshift maneuver in order to return to MG-1 team and restore Waldowood. (Begins the spinoff Circle of Light.)
704 “At the End of the Tunnel”
With the recent loss of Tyler and Trevor underscoring inherent dangers, General Bear reluctantly uses the modified ray-tracing infinite regress protocol to shut down the MirrorGate project and erase all memory of it.
705 “The Watcher”
Three years after the shutdown of the MirrorGate MG-1 project, Polaris the bear watches a mirror in Mrs. Mommy Ma’am’s room.
706 “Failure to Communicate”
The mute Polaris struggles to communicate his recent discovery.
707 “Take A Second Look”
After succeeding in getting the attention of others, Polaris is stunned when the MirrorGate fails to work.
708 “Change of Scenery”
Polaris deduces the MirrorGate’s ultimate secret after Mrs. Mommy Ma’am inadvertently destroys the gate by changing the framed print that reflects into the mirror.