OFFROAD® and Onstrike

In a world of big banks and big business, someone has to stand up for the rights of the working people. Meet Dick Onstrike. By day, a mild-mannered liberal environmental activist trying to build a better world for all. By night, an undercover labor organizer ready to reclaim collective bargaining rights for all workers!

After years of writing letters to the editors and giving public lectures that go unheeded by officials, Dick Onstrike finally gets noticed by the rich and powerful. Onstrike finds himself in the middle of a grass roots movement to prevent the construction of a large gated community over a Native American burial ground and Revolutionary War historic site!

As the time for a protest grows near, a big-time real estate developer conspires with non-union thugs to prevent Onstrike from doing any more damage. A scheme to ruin Onstrike that involves pouring radioactive toxic sludge into Onstrike’s car backfires and helps creates OFFROAD®, the first artificially sentient automobile navigation, security, and diagnostic computer system.

OFFROAD® helps give Onstrike an advantage, an advantage that Onstrike must keep secret from a nosy tabloid reporter in order to prevent OFFROAD® from falling into the hands of the politically-connected and secret OSI agency.

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