List of OFFROAD® & Onstrike episodes

In its first season, OFFROAD® & Onstrike can be seen weekly on the BW.

Season One Episodes to date

EP# Title
101 “Pilot—Part One”
When his trusty Saturn coupe goes into the repair shop, Dick Onstrike’s ability to campaign for the environment seems restricted by the puny range of the new Milliwatt hybrid…until he discovers the gas station location feature of the Milliwatt’s OnCar® system.
102 “Pilot—Part Two”
Trapped by angry non-union truckers, Onstrike attempts to activate the OnCar® system after a truckload of heavy-metal toxic sludge is poured into the trunk of Onstrike’s car, not realizing that the sludge has already gotten into the car’s electrical system.
103 “Pilot—Part Three”
After losing consciousness when his Milliwatt overloads due to the sludge seepage, Dick Onstrike awakens to discover that his OnCar®-equipped Milliwatt is now OFFROAD®, the first truly artificially-intelligent sentient automotive computer system.
104 “Follow That Perc!”
Onstrike discovers how to use OFFROAD®’s navigation abilities to track a deadly plume of dry cleaning solvents that has been dumped in a nearby creek.
105 “Max Temperature”
When OFFROAD® begins to overheat in traffic, Onstrike discovers that his car can suffer from a personality fault that causes OFFROAD® to assume the identify of one Allan J. Harper.
106 “Too Much Latitude”
OffRoad® and Onstrike combine talents to prove that zoning maps used by a developer are fraudulent.
107 “The Hangover”
After a fill-up with some cheap E15 gasoline, OFFROAD® starts to behave erratically.
108 “Me and J. ‘Bobbie’ McGee”
A local newspaper columnist grows suspicious of Onstrike’s recent successes and humanitarian triumphs.
109 “Emergency!”
When OFFROAD® and Onstrike witness a major traffic accident in a rural area, Onstrike is forced to press the emergency red OnCar® button, thereby possibly revealing the existence of OFFROAD® to government authorities.
110 “Offline”
OFFROAD® must pretend to be a simple OnCar®-equipped Milliwatt when investigators from the secret OSI agency visit Onstrike.