List of The Adventures of Dirk “Sonny” Lande episodes

In its first season, The Adventures of Dirk “Sonny” Lande can be seen weekly on the BW.

Season One Episodes to date

EP# Title
101 “Pilot”
A detuned guitar, runaway acoustic feedback, and a blown amp propels musician Dirk Lande into the metaverse where he encounters two bears (Trevor and Tyler of Circle of Light).
102 “The Gilt Gendick Murders”
Lande faces an internal conflict when he ponders using his new-found abilities to help prove the innocence of an important Republican financier.
103 “A New Life in Rio”
Too much harmonic distortion leads Lande to believe that he is really a mundane office worker for a large corporate monolith.
104 “Inverted Amp”
When Lande finds himself trapped in a universe in which everything is reversed, his only hope is to learn how to sing backwards and play guitar left-handed from the mysterious Zymmerman.
105 “The Savage Land”
Lande is forced into a wedding when he enters a universe composed solely of Amazon women.
106 “Instant Music”
Lande’s discovery that he is a distant cousin of Edwin Land, the inventor of instant photography, spurs him to create a new type of music.
107 “The M.C.’s”
Lande is mistaken for a spy when he is transported to a universe in which every male has the initials M.C.
108 “That Guy From Flushing, NY”
Confusion ensues when Lande meets a guy from Flushing, NY, who claims to be able to alter the universe using a video remote control and believes him to be his old college roommate, Videodog.
109 “The Two Doctors, Part I”
When a repeated sound loop based on early John Williams music leaves Lande dazed and confused, he meets a Dr. Phillips who tries—and seemingly fails—to help.
110 “The Two Doctors, Part II”
Phillips calls on his colleague, Dr. Newman, and the two doctors begin to think that Lande is a Communist spy when Lande asks casually if the two doctors are in a same-sex relationship and talks “radical nonsense” about Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan having been elected president.
111 “The Two Doctors, Part III”
After Lande discovers the secret mission of Phillips and Newman—saving the life of an emerging youth leader—Lande causes an “ungroovy” situation that forces the two doctors to improvise through time and transfer the leader to Dirk’s childhood bedroom.