Waldowood 2009

A Real Subway Comes to Town!

Waldowood 2009

Waldowood 2009 contained many firsts as the complexity of the town grew.
This Waldowood debuted the town’s first IRT subway line. The line ran around the periphery of the town on elevated tracks and featured an express loop that bypassed a local station on the west side of town.

A number of new buildings demonstrated that a recession had not come to Waldowood. Three rail lines on three levels all crossing at the same point represented a new feat of engineering never before seen in a Waldowood.

And what could be more appropriate for Waldowood than the opening of the first Waldo Johnson’s, famous for its orange roofs.

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New Subway Car

Pictured is one of the four new subway cars modeled after the IRT R17 subway cars of the mid-1950s. The R17s were notable for being the first subway cars painted a maroon red. One set of R17s in 1957 were the first subway cars ordered with air conditioning, an experiment deemed to be a failure (the a/c units were replaced by fans).

R17s are sometimes confused with the “redbirds,” IRT subway cars that were painted in a graffitti-resistant red paint in the 1980’s. Waldo hopes these new R17s last as long as their predecessors. (The last train of R17s was retired in 1988, exactly 60 days after Waldo first arrived on the scene.)

Waldowood’s R17 car have the “6” designation in expectation that one day the subway train will help set a new record of having six simultaneous rail lines in operation.

New Texaco Station

Finally, some competition to drive down gas prices! A Texaco gasoline station is one of the new additions to Waldowood this year.

New House

This new house completed the doubling of Waldowood homes in a two-year period. There is no housing crisis in Waldowood–except for those you still cannot find a place to live!

Waldo Johnson's

What could be more natural coming from a town named for a dinosaur who has orange fins on his “roof” than having a oranged-roof restaurant? Yes. this year saw the opening of the first Waldo Johnson’s restaurant. Excitement was so high on opening day, that one of Waldowood’s citizens actually fainted (see picture at left).

Three Level Crossing

A technological feat accomplished by this Waldowood was having three different rail lines cross over at the same point in vertical space (shown by the arrow in the picture at left).

Waldwood 2009 tied the all-time records of having 5 simultaneous trains and 4 closed loop rail lines.

East Viaduct

A massive viaduct spanned the eastern edge of Waldowood 2009. The viaduct carried the track of the elevated subway line that looped around Waldowood.

Alpine Village

The continued effects of global warming threaten to shrink the Alpine Village to nothing. AS of this year, only the alpine apartment house remains of the once thriving ski-oriented village. To cheer up the spirits of resdidents, the apartment house owners installed a giant light-up Snowman on the grounds that formerly contained the chair lift.

Two "Streakers"

At left, two “streakers:” the new Number 6 train and the old Halley’s Comet.

After modifications that allowed access to its “hard candy shell,” the M&M Dome (below) reopened in 2009 in the southeast corner of Waldowood.

M&M Dome

Commercial Plaza Scandal?

The same folks that caused a scandal in Waldowood 2007 were back again in Waldowood 2009 (see picture at left).
While Waldo works hard to make sure people and dinosaurs live in a peaceful, friendly environment (see below, an original 1989 sign, on display in Waldowood 2009), he does think that the couple is taking that friendliness to a level he does not quite understand.

Old Sign

There was no Waldowood in 2008 because Waldo was away visiting the San Francisco area (see picture at right).

Waldo in SF, 2008