Waldowood 2000

Waldowood Greets the Millennium

Waldo at Waldowood 2000

Waldowood greeted the Millennium with a variety of innovations. Chief among these were an integrated Millennium Ferris Wheel and “live” cameras, linked to the first Web site dedicated to Waldowood, that showed street scenes from the ground level.


This classic portrait of Waldo as taken as he overlooked Waldowood 2000. Waldo T Dinosaur fans will recognize that a cropped version of this shot has since become Waldo’s official online portrait.

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Waldowood 2000 showed its concern for mass transit by offering a direct rail link to the Waldowood Airport. The “Airport Line” was also notable for being the only Waldowood railroad ever to go through another structure, the giant Waldowood Millennium Ferris Wheel.

Airport Line

The Church Street Webcam was the first attempt to allow outsiders to get a ground-level view of Waldowood.

Church Street Webcam

Waldowood 2000 also included a “CopterCam” that flew around the town taking aerial pictures. In this shot, the entire length of Church Street can be seen. Parts of the figure-eight, small circle, and grand circle railroad lines can also be seen.

"Copter Cam"

The Ferris Center was a life style and entertainment complex meant to revitalize downtown Waldowood. The centerpiece, the Waldowood Millennium Ferris Wheel, was intended to usher in a wave of new prosperity by increasing the foot traffic in the downtown and Alpine Village areas of Waldowood.

Ferris Center

Ferris Center

Unfortunately, Ferris Center developers overlooked the fact that most Waldowood visitors would be afraid of heights and would refuse to ride such a scary, tall ferris wheel! Worse, although developers had paid for a direct rail link to the Waldowood Airport, the height of the ferris wheel blocked the flight paths of planes that otherwise would have bought visitors to Waldowood.

Because of these reasons, the Millennium Ferris Wheel quickly fell into bankruptcy and was demolished several months after the picture above was taken.

Waldowood 2000 was sponsored by Statistics for Managers Using Microsoft Excel, second edition.

Official Sponsor

This sponsorship proved disastrous for Waldowood when the giant facsimile book toppled over and destroyed two train lines. Never again would Waldo allow large corporate billboards in his town.