Waldowood 2006

A Time of Change and Innovation

Waldowood 2006

Waldowood returns after an absence of three years, bigger and better than ever. Waldowood 2006 featured three intertwined rail lines, including a figure-eight and an elevated loop, and one line that looped around the entire town. This Waldowood was the first to feature three (actually 3.5) zones: the Alpine Village area, a mixed residential and light commercial area, and a new transportation and technology zone. (Counting as the one-half was the new M&M Dome that opened in its own area in the southeastern part of town.)

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Technology Exhibit

After earlier failed attempts to redevelop Waldowood as a lifestyle center, a new Technology Exhibit sought to emphasize Waldowood’s efforts to attract innovative hi-tech businesses. Residents of Waldowood did not expect that the exhibit would attract a famous visitor, but it did!

A Surprise Visitor!

The Technology Exhibit attracted a surprise visitor when the TARDIS landed on the roof of WPLA-TV Channel 85, only slightly off-course from its intended destination, the entrance to the Exhibit.


Another Surprise Visitor?

Some claimed that, during the 2006 holiday season, another surprise visitor from Scotland appeared on Mirror Lake in the Alpine Village. Others claimed that the green object sighted was a rare but explainable optical illusion caused by a refracted image of Waldo himself.

M&M Dome

Young residents of Waldowood 2006 who were anticipating the opening of a showcase club operated by Eminem, were disappointed when the M&M Dome opened near the Defense Reserve.

The M&M Dome, designed to replace the late and lamented WaldoDome of earlier years, failed when no one could figure out how to enter the hard candy shell of this perfect reproduction of an actual M&M.

Esso Station 45th Anniversary

Waldowood 2006 also celebrated the 45th anniversary of the opening of its first gasoline service station.