Waldowood 2007


Waldowood 2007

Waldowood witnessed its greatest expansion to date in 2007. For the first time in Waldowood history, the town featured five independent train lines, four of which were closed loop circuits.

New to Waldowood was a new commercial plaza and Waldowood’s first suburb! These new areas joined the traditional Alpine Village, and Church Street and train station areas to form the largest Waldowood ever.

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Commercial Plaza

With the opening of the Waldowood Supermarket, Siesta Motel, and Levitton branch headquarters, Waldwood 2007 was ready for its first real commercial plaza. The plaza claimed Santa Claus Square of past Waldowoods as its centerpiece.

Train Station

For 2007, the train station added a pedestrian overpass. This increased the safety of residents and allowed for a more efficient scheduling of trains.

New Suburban Area

Continued population growth caused developers to establish a new suburban zone featuring a classic Californian ranch house and a classic Long Island split-level home.

Alpine Village

The Alpine Village was little changed from prior years but did feature a renovated train station that in recent years had fallen into ruin.

Defense Reserve

First established in 1959 by Aunt J., the Defense Reserve celebrated its 48th anniversary with a display of classic National Guard vehicles..

New Hersheys Train

New in 2007 was the Hershey’s train, no doubt busy bringing Kisses and other chocolate candies to Mrs. Mommy Ma’am and other Waldowood residents.

Cyanamid Tribute

2007 was the tenth anniversary of the additional of the American Cyanamid tank car. The Cyanamid car rolls through Waldowood as a loving tribune to “Uncle Bobby,” a dedicated member of the Cyanamid sales force for many years.

OLPC Support Display

Having pro-social agendas has always been important to the residents of Waldowood. In 2007, residents were pleased to support the One Laptop Per Child program by erecting a giant OLPC computer in the Waldowood train yards.

Possible Scandal

The park bench in Santa Claus Square at the Commercial Plaza was the site of a bit of scandal when a local newspaper ran this picture which purported to show two unclothed residents enjoying the day.