Waldowood 2011

Waldowood 2011

Waldowood 2011

Inspired by a visit to Northlandz, Waldowood 2011 was an engineering study that proved that seven closed loop lines could be placed in Waldowood, breaking the 2010 record! This Waldowood also featured the debut of a cable car line that allowed a connection between the upper and lower levels of Waldowood.
Waldowood 2011 featured the return of the M&M Dome that joined last year’s C-Factory Dome to form a multiple stadia complex. You can take a short tour of Northlandz here to see the inspiration for the 2011 engineering breakthrough. As you take the tour, see how many structures from past and present Waldowoods can you spot in the Northlandz pictures. (There are eight, nine if you count duplicates.)
Track Layout

Track Layout

This wide view of the Waldowood upper level shows the elevated of the McKinley Explorer N scale train—the first elevated N-scale train in Waldowood history.
Northlandz Car

Northlandz Car

Waldo’s trip to Northlandz netted this new freight car


The helicopter is still in working order!
Lower Level trains

Lower Level trains

Wide view of lower level that shows the three closed loop tracks and the mezzanine level to which the cable car ascends.
Lone Tree

Lone Tree

The lone Waldowood prop used in 2011, shown her for scale.
Waldo didn’t know that the Siesta Motel was part of a chain!
Some of the extraordinary engineering in Northlandz. Waldo wishes that his town had some of these bridges.
Some of these homes may look familiar!
Foreground: Complicated trackage that leads to a mine (not shown).
Background: Part of the Northlandz city center.
Waldowood does not have—and does not want—an outhouse factory, official or otherwise!

Inset: one of the outhouses
The camera cannot capture the full depth of this display.
This suburban track is served by O-scale (“Lionel”) trains.
This looks familiar, too!
While Waldowood has had an entertainment area, it’s never had a complex amusement park!
Just when you think you have seen it all, there is another level to explore at Northlandz.
An extra-large train setup requires an extra-large train yard.
A rural scene.
An amazing bridge.
Looks like Mission Control, but it is just part of the control room for all the trains.